“The most fun workshop I have been too. I’ll explore the possibilities for a long time.” Parent, Melbourne workshop.

Movement My First Language is a project for adults who live or work with children with special needs. Build your confidence in using movement as a means of empowering learning.

Learning through movement is a language that children are experts in. From birth babies begin to learn about themselves and their world through their sensory intelligence. Movement My First Language taps into sensation based wisdom that all children have, and respects the incredible abilities of the plasticity of the brain. This approach to working with children offers more opportunities for them to learn, grow and develop at their own speed, time and abilities.

Covid-19 update: Movement My First Language is an international project delivered by Feldenkrais Practitioners. Technology is now allowing us to come together in virtual environment and offer interactive workshops.

The project is founded on and shaped by the principles of the Feldenkrais Method®.


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