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“The way you facilitated the small group sessions were clear and seamless. You answered questions by letting us feel the differences, spending time to explore it not just through talking.” Children’s Physiotherapist, Melbourne workshop

Meet the Movement My First Language Practitioners

Four Feldenkrais Practitioners bring their own specialist knowledge and experiences to Movement My First Language. From a parent of a special needs child, a clown working with children in hospital, to a grandmother who knows there is always another way to do things, and the lived experience of cerebral palsy. This joined up approach and wealth of shared knowledge, embedded in the Feldenkrais Method spans a vibrant understanding of the human ability to grow and learn.

Each practitioner understands the extra needs and requirements that come with living or working with children who require more support. Their approach combines many years of group facilitation, mediation, experience of working in diverse situations, and knowing the importance of creating a space for adults to learn in different ways.

Jenni Evans is a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Assistant Trainer. She is passionate about the facilitation of learning. Over many years she has been involved in research projects and the development and delivery of programs to help children, teens and adults discover their own unique learning styles and make the most of them. She has presented at conferences and workshops throughout Australia and internationally. She is also a Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a mother and grandmother. She knows the importance of listening and watching for clues that allow entry into the reality of others to create engaging games and activities. She knows there is always another way to do things. She is based in Melbourne where she has maintained a diverse practice for almost 20 year. 

Vesna Puric was born in what used to be Yugoslavia and grew up in Sweden. Her background is in theatre and dance and alongside performing she is also a movement, physical theatre, dance,  acrobatics and improvisation teacher. Due to her profound interest in movement Vesna went on to complete the Feldenkrais Method Professional Training in order to understand movement better.

When Vesna was 18 years old she worked for more than a year in Mariestad (Sweden) at a home for people with physical and mental impairments and disabilities. With almost 300 people living there, she had the chance to work with them all. Her time working in the home was a big eyeopener for humanity, and strengthened her love for the more vulnerable.

Since 1993 Vesna has worked as a hospital clown in one of the largest hospitals in Brussels. Working with children is her passion, both as a clown and Feldenkrais Practitioner. She is playful, respectful and very attentive to what the children need. This playfulness allows her to connect easily with children. Vesna is currently based in Brussels, Belgium. 

Lou Coleman is a Feldenkrais Practitioner who’s practice has developed from over 17 years of working with disabled children, teenagers and their families in a variety of settings: residential homes, out-of-school children’s charities, mainstream and special educational settings, and pupil referral behaviour units. Lou has experience and training in the different approaches which can be used to support people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) and Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) – deep pressure therapy, sensory integration, TacPac, intensive interaction, TEACCH, behaviour management and communication strategies, and anxiety reduction approaches. She has worked alongside families who required extra input due to challenging circumstances.

In 2009 Lou jumped further into the arts and worked in the mainstream arts sector, working with disabled and non-disabled artists with a focus towards inclusive practice. She was an artist in a special needs school for 2 years inviting pupils into creative multi-sensory play spaces. 

Lou is an experience Practitioner on the Professional London Training and is a member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK.

With her everyday being rich with the nuances of life she knows that creating a welcoming, fun environment without limiting expectations can bring out the delightfully unexpected! Lou is currently based in the UK.

Silvana Favorito is a Feldenkrais Practitioner from Melbourne who brings her experience of being a mother of a special needs child. Her persistence in finding innovative ways to allow her son to move into functioning in the world, informs the way she works with children and the insights she offers other parents. She is particularly skilled in working around the constraints of equipment and physical limitations.

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