Project Background

“You helped me understand what happens in walking by letting me feel how I walk. Wow! Loads of small movements make up the foundations” Parent, Melbourne workshop.

Human beings are born to learn. Most of us manage OK and figure out the basics of movement, speech and functioning in the world. Some however, have additional physical or learning hurdles that require their world to be translated by the people around them in order to optimise their potential.

Movement My First Language is a project co-devised and delivered by four international Feldenkrais Practitioners. The ethos of the programme is to be a space to learn more about the body and brain working together by learning through movement. Movement as a sensory, body orientated approach is a key element of life, which many other elements of life grow from – a clearer sense of self, making self informed choices and being more independent, are just three examples.

Each Practitioner brings skills and knowledges from their backgrounds of working with children with physical, sensory, learning and neurological conditions through a movement modality.

Supporting the Supporters

The workshops are designed for parents, carers, medical professionals, educational staff and people working with children who require extra support. 

Designed to be a space for adults to learn new skills and build confidence, the programme will build on what you already know.  With the focus on functional movement you will learn through sensory and movement systems, before creating new practical approaches to support children with special needs in everyday life.

Inviting you to learn through your own experiences enables a greater understanding of the Feldenkrais Method and how it works with everybody’s abilities to learn, develop and grow.  

Movement My First Language will provide insights and strategies to support adults in feeling more grounded and informed as they manage the challenges of daily life.

Movement My First Language Website © 2019. Photo credits: Laura Montag for Lou Coleman.

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