“I feel deeply touched by these two days. I have had many of my questions answered and have new approaches to try. I’ve experienced a lot.” Parent, Sydney Workshop 

Opimising Learning for Children with Special Needs

A four week interactive workshop, meeting online once a week.

The workshop is suitable for parents, carers, family members, educational staff and medical professionals living and working with children who have neurological movement conditions, undiagnosed disabilities, conditions linked with global development delay, or who are diagnosed on the autistic spectrum.

You will

  • Learn how movement is a crucial part of child development
  • Learn how a movement based approach helps the brain and body to work together.
  • Gain an insight into the proprioceptive and vestibular systems through movement
  • Build your confidence in helping children learn
  • The importance of touch as communication for children
  • Gain a clearer understanding of movement and independence
  • Recognise opportunities to include learning in everyday activities
  • Gain a better understanding of movement, play and learning
  • Create movement games to enhance skills you already have
  • Recognise how the essential principles of the Feldenkrais Method® can help you optimise learning for children with special needs
  • Meet other people in similar situations

Who is it for?

People who are in contact with children who require extra support in some capacity.

Designed to an opportunity space for adults to learn new skills and build confidence, the programme will build on what you already know.  There will be time for discussions, sharing experiences and to ask questions.

How will I learn?

This workshop will be highly experiential and will incorporate the presentation of ideas, awareness through movement explorations and interactive small group activities.

Learning through movement is a language in which children are experts. Over four session you’ll have opportunities to be curious, ask questions and develop your understanding of movement and sensation. You’ll build on your own memories of this language which was foremost for you as a child.

With the focus on functional movement, you will learn through sensory and movement activities, to create new practical approaches to support the children in your life.

You will take away ideas to explore in the week between each session.

Dates, Prices & Booking

The workshop is a series of 4 sessions, 1 and half hour each session via Zoom. No individual workshop attendance is available. 

Choose either the 4 Friday sessions or the 4 Saturday sessions.

Friday series: week 1: 28 August, week 2: 4 September, week 3: 11 September, week 4: 18 September 2020

Times: 10-11.30 UK | 11-12.30 Belgium | 19-20.30 Melbourne. These times time will remain the same for all 4 weeks

Saturday series: week 1: 29 August, week 2: 5 September, week 3: 12 September, week 4: 19 September 2020

Times: 10-11.30 UK | 11-12.30 Belgium | 19-20.30 Melbourne. These times time will remain the same for all 4 weeks

Price for the workshop (4 weeks): £69 | €79 | Aus $125

Currency conversion equivalent will be charged on booking.

2 person package: £83 | €91 | Aus $150

2 people package can include parents, family members, carers, child’s physio, child’s teacher. The 2 people can choose to attend different workshop series.

Individual consultancy appointments with Practitioners are available. Please contact the Practitioner separately. Practitioner profiles are here

Booking will be done via CVent, hosted by Jenni Evans (Australian based practitioner)

The project is founded on and shaped by the principles of the Feldenkrais Method®.

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